Best Things About Bengal Cats


Best Things About Bengal Cats

Many Bengal cat owners say that having a cat of this breed is much like owning a dog, but with far less responsibility. These cats have a beautiful, soft coat and they are incredibly social creatures. Here are some of the best things about Bengal cats.

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They love to communicate- Bengal cats are much like toddlers, in that they like to talk a lot. And also much like toddlers, you can’t understand a word they are saying. You know they are trying to tell you something, like they are hungry, they are bored or they want attention.

They love water- Most cats are not big fans of water, but the Bengal cat is an exception. Their interest in water goes beyond the bathtub or the sink, since if you have a glass of water on the kitchen table, the Bengal cat is going to want to play with it.

They are hypoallergenic- If you are someone who suffers from allergies, a Bengal cat may be the perfect cat for you. The secret lies in their fur. Bengal cats feature a fur coat made of fine pelts, requiring very little grooming. Also, these cats don’t shed a lot, so pet dander isn’t spread around as much as with some other cats.

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They get along with dogs- How many cat breeds do you know that get along well with dogs? Probably not many, but the Bengal cat breed is one of them. Bengal cats love to run around and play together and when it is time to relax, they enjoy some cuddle time with each other.

They can be leash trained- Some people think it is weird to walk a cat on a leash, like you would a dog. However, Bengal cats love to be outside and most Bengal cat owners don’t want their cat running around without a leash. Bengal cats are smart though and will wiggle their way out of a normal collar, so it is advised that when using a leash, use a cat harness instead.

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