Basics of Cat Grooming


Basics of Cat GroomingCat grooming may sound like a difficult task, but it really isn’t. Long-haired cats are going to require more grooming than short-haired cats. The earlier you get your cat used to grooming, the better. Here are some basics of cat grooming.

Brushing- Your cat needs to be regularly brushed in order to prevent them from getting hairballs. As a general rule, long-haired cats should be brushed every other day while short-haired cats should be brushed once a week. Before spring arrives, your cat may need to be brushed more often since this is when they shed their winter coat.

De-matting- Some cats, especially long-haired ones, can get mats easily and they can be rather painful. The safest way to get rid of mats on your cat is by using clippers. This is a two-person task since someone will need to hold the cat while the other uses the clippers.

Bathing- Depending on the breed of your cat, while decide on how often they will need to be bathed. If you have been bathing your cat since they were a kitten, you shouldn’t have much issues. However, if you don’t give your cat frequent baths, it may be a bit of a struggle since cats don’t like water very much. The trick is to get them bathed and do it fast.

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Nail clipping- Clipping your cat’s nails should be done about once a month. Again, this is another two-person task since someone needs to hold the cat while the other person clips their nails. Some cats don’t mind their nails being trimmed while other cats absolutely hate it. Be careful that you don’t clip into the triangular pink area of their nails, since this will cause pain and bleeding. Also, you pretty much only need to clip the front claws, unless the back ones require clipping.

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Ear cleaning- Cat’s ears get dirty just like ours do, so they need to be cleaned about twice a month. Some cat breeds will produce more wax in their ears than others. Cleaning your cat’s ears require using a cotton ball to get rid of the wax, dirt and debris buildup in their ears. Only clean the parts of your cat’s ears that are visible.

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