The Best Ways to Give Medicine to your Cat


The Best Ways to Give Medicine to your CatGiving your cat medicine is no easy feat, particularly when he or she definitely doesn’t want you poking around in their mouth with a pill or syringe. However, it’s an essential part of looking after your furry friend that simply can’t be avoided from time to time.

Giving your cat medicine effectively is all about sneaking up on them and making sure that you get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Here are the best ways to give liquid, and pill-based medicines to your cat, without getting scratched to pieces.

Prepare yourself

Before you attempt to medicate your cat, make sure that you’re prepared, with all of your supplies in your pocket, or in an area where you can reach them easily. It might be a good idea to have a treat handy so that you can try to make the experience more pleasant for your kitty, and if claws come out, you might want to use a towel to wrap your cat.

Giving Liquid Medication

Liquid medication can often be a lot easier to give to cats than other forms of medication such as pills and powders. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a challenge. To start with, sit your cat down on a flat surface, facing away from you. You should already have your medication ready at this stage, and drawn into the right dosing syringe. With your free hand, tilt your cat’s head back slightly, placing the tip of the syringe into the back corner of his or her mouth.

Quickly squirt the medication into the space between the cat’s cheek and gums, and reward your kitty afterward with a treat and a cuddle.

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Giving Pills and Capsules

To give your cat a capsule or pill, hold him or her in the same position that you would use to administer liquid, again, using one hand to stead your cat’s head as you tilt it upwards slightly. Hold the pill between your forefinger and thumb in the opposite hand, and use one of your fingers to carefully open up the mouth of your kitty and slide the pill to the back of the mouth, as far back as it will go.

It might seem awful, but you need to get the pill as deep into your cat’s mouth as possible if you want him or her to swallow it, and not just spit it back up onto the carpet.

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