5 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained


5 Weird Cat Behaviors ExplainedWhile we might love them to bits, there’s no denying the fact that your cats behavior can be kind of… weird. Some of the things that these cute little animals do are just plain odd. From sniffing our faces to rolling around the floor like mad things, there’s so many things that baffle us. It’s actually all a huge part of their unique brand of charm.

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If you’ve noticed these things in the past and thought they were confusing, you’ve come to the right place. We’re just about to explain some of the weirdest and most wonderful cat behaviors ever.

  1. Sniffing Your Face

You may have noticed that your kitty sniffs your face now and then. Don’t worry! It’s not because you smell bad. It’s simply because they are curious creatures and want to sense everything from your unique fragrance to your bodily warmth. When they get up close and personal with you, they can both smell and feel your heat. For them, this is likely to provide a great deal of comfort.

  1. Lying on your appliances

Does your cat always lie down right on your keyboard? Well, you’re not alone! There’s actually a very interesting reason for this. Kitties tend to do this for attention. If you spend a load of time on your computer each day, don’t be surprised if your cat lies on it.

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  1. Rolling Around on the Floor

When your kitty is outside or even in the street, you may have seen them drop to the ground and roll around. There are two major reasons for this. The first is that they are showing that they are submissive or ‘below’ you in some way. Essentially, you’ve earned their trust and they will let you be the boss. The second reason is because they are scenting the floor, i.e. their territory.

  1. Hiding Under Things

Do you always catch your cat hiding under the table? If you do, you’ll love this one. Cats happen to be natural hunters. This is all a part of their technique. So, when they hide, they are really getting ready to pounce. Beware!

  1. Pawing Your Knees

When your kitty sits on your lap, you may well notice that they begin to kneed at you for no real reason. Often, they will purr while they are doing so. So, what’s the deal? Well, it’s pretty simple. This is something that they learn when they are kittens. When they suckle their mom, they kneed her to get the milk flowing. They are mimicking this action once again because they feel cozy with you! Aww, cute.   

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