What To Do If Your Cat Comes Home Covered In Motor Oil


What To Do If Your Cat Comes Home Covered In Motor Oil“Curiosity got the cat!” How often have you said that about your adorable little fur baby? It seems like they’re always getting into something they shouldn’t, and more often than not it’s our job to clean up the mess!

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So, what if your kitty comes home covered in motor oil? Believe it or not, motor oil is a common problem for any cat who roams outside. Oil is everywhere: on driveways, sidewalks, around trash cans, etc.

If you find that your cat has gotten into mischief and comes home with oil on its fur, it’s better for the both of you that you clean him up, pronto. Letting him clean himself means that you run the risk of oily spots all over your house, but more important, motor oil is not meant to be ingested by cats!

Start by filling up a bucket or bathtub or sink with warm water. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to give your mischievous cat a bath!

Before you bring kitty to the water, have some soap and towels at the ready. It will help immensely if you have some cat treats at the bathing site as well.

Next, gently place your kitty into the warm water, soothing her with soft words, or distracting her with a treat.

Scoop the water over the cat and when he’s completely wet, lather up the soap in your hand. Gently rub his fur until you can feel and see that the oil is gone.

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Now you’re ready to rinse off your cat with clean, warm water and then dry off the fur with the towel.

What if some of the motor oil returns to the surface of your cat’s coat? You have a few options, including rinse, lather, repeat!

If you’d rather not go through that process again, you can clip off the oily fur, or have a groomer perform an entire-body shave.

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