Long Haired Kitty? How to Clean Up Cat Hair


Long Haired Kitty? How to Clean Up Cat HairLong-haired cats are soft, beautiful, and affectionate creatures – but their hair can get absolutely everywhere. Though most cats naturally shed hair during their lifetime – particularly around summer when they’re getting rid of their winter coats – it can be difficult to get rid of all the excess cat hair that your excess kitty drops around your home.

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Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to clean up the mess, whether it’s on your furniture, rugs, clothes, or anything else!

1.    Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are a must-have for any pet owner who likes to keep fur off their clothing, but they’re essential for those with long-haired cats. A good tip is to keep a lint roller beside the front door so you can give your outfit a quick once-over before you leave for the day.

2.    Cat Hair-Removal Gloves

Manufacturers have begun to respond to the plight of the long-haired cat owner with carefully designed products, like the cat-hair removal glove. These gloves have specialized surfaces that are designed to attract hair in clumps so it’s easier to get rid of. If you’re looking for hair removal on a budget, however, you can still get pretty good results with a standard rubber glove!

3.    White Vinegar

If you have heavily furry clothing or bedding, adding half a cup of white vinegar to your laundry rinse cycle will loosen the hairs from the fabric fibers, so it’s easier to pick up with your lint roller. The only problem is the smell, so don’t forget to include dryer sheets, to help mask the scent.

4.    Rubber Brooms

For furry carpets, the best thing you can do to defend your vacuum cleaner is to brush over rugs and carpeting with a rubber broom or carpet rake. This helps to separate most the fur from the carpet fibers, so it doesn’t get stuck in your vacuum.

5.    Damp Cloths

Finally, to quickly and effectively remove fur from furniture, all you need to do is wet a sponge or washcloth and run it along the furniture quickly. The hair should be drawn to the moisture, meaning that it comes away from your furniture in easy-to-handle clumps.

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