How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash


How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A LeashWe all want our pets to lead the happiest, healthiest lives possible. If you happen to have a house cat, you might want to make sure that they get some time outside. (It’s worth mentioning that not all house cats actually want to go out. You should remember that!)

Still, if you want to take them out in a safe way, a leash might be the answer to your prayers. After all, dogs walk around on leashes, so why shouldn’t cats? Well, if you plan to train your cat to walk on a leash, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know.

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Make sure the leash fits properly!

First of all, you absolutely have to get a leash that fits. You should get an adjustable one so that you can be sure you can fit it to your cat. Try it on your kitty and spend some time ensuring that it’s the right size. Your cat has to be comfortable at the end of the day.

Use the leash in the house first

Now, you need to make sure that your cat gets comfortable in the leash. Don’t rush things and take your cat right outside. Nope! Instead, try the leash in the house for a few minutes at a time. That way, your cat will get used to wearing the thing and won’t find it too weird. Simple.

Avoid places with lots of traffic

When you do go out, you need to avoid places with too much noise or, indeed, traffic. If you go to a place that’s loud, your cat is likely to freak out. Choose a safe place like a park or quiet suburban area. Doing so will make all the difference. Your kitty should be as calm as possible when you head out together.

If your cat seems scared, go home

If when you go out, your cat seems fearful or crouches to the floor, go home. You can try again another day. Forcing your kitty to do something when they are scared is a silly idea. Don’t do it. You will only make them hate the outside world.

Take treats and support them

Your cat will need a little encouragement, and don’t you forget it! Make sure that you take treats and the like to comfort your cat. The more supportive and reassuring you are throughout this process, the better. Give your cat treats and love along the way. They need it.

Realize that it will take time

Finally, you should not expect miracles. Your cat will find this whole thing a little stressful, especially if they’ve never been out before. Take your time and don’t put too much pressure on your kitty. They will get there in the end.

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