Do Cats Like Kisses?


Do Cats Like Kisses?
We all love our cats. Though these felines can sometimes seem stand-offish, they’re also incredibly affectionate, intelligent, and intuitive – making them a wonderful companion for adults and children alike. But how do you show your cat just how much you love him or her? If you do it with kisses, then the chances are you’ve found yourself wondering just how much your kitty enjoys these signs of affection.

Here, we’re going to look at whether cats really do like kisses, and how you can show your feline friend just how much you care.

Cats Show Love Differently to Humans

Despite their reputation, research has shown that cats really do love their owners. The difference is in the way that they express that love. While some cats are happy to enjoy their human kisses, others avoid them at all costs – the chances are you’ll know what your cat likes and dislikes best. Remember, when your cat is relaxed and happy, he or she will close their eyes slowly while looking at you. That’s a sign of a cat’s kiss, letting you know that they’re vulnerable to you, and they trust you.

So, does this mean that you could show your cat that you love them in other ways, by using their own language?

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How to Show Affection to your Cat

There are plenty of great ways to show your kitty how much you care, from grooming to playing, to even offering them a handful of their favorite treats. However, you can also return a cat’s unique signs of affection in your own way. For instance:

  • Slow blinking: Slow blinking is a simple way to show your cat that you love and trust them. If they slow blink towards you, then you can slow blink back in a sign of mutual kinship and understanding.
  • Scent mingling: If you’re not sure how friendly your kitty is being, you could always extend a single finger towards them at nose level. If the kitty touches his or her nose to your finger, then they’re happy to be friends. Usually, he or she will also be happy to rub their cheeks along your hand to mingle your scents together.
  • Head butts: If you’ve had cats for a while or known cats before, then this should be a form of affection you’re familiar with. Cats happily bop their head against yours in a sign of love when they’re happy, and claim ownership of you too, by spreading their scent on your face.

The bottom line when it comes to cat kisses is that some kitty’s like them, and some don’t. The more you learn about your cat, the more you’ll come to realize how he or she prefers to show their affection. As you learn, try to adjust your behavior so you can speak your cat’s personal language for love and friendship.

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