5 Reasons Your Cat’s Avoiding their Litterbox


5 Reasons your Cat's Avoiding their Litterbox

One of the most common cat behavioral problems that an owner can experience today, involves the concept of “litter box aversion”. In other words, your cat doesn’t like going to his or her litterbox and ends up going to the bathroom elsewhere instead. Sometimes, figuring out how to solve the problem is simply a matter of determining what’s causing this behavior in the first place.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons that cats avoid their litter trays.

1.    Something’s Not Right

Cats are incredibly picky creatures, and sometimes they might avoid their litter box just because something small has changed. For instance, you might have changed the location of the litterbox slightly, the type of litter you’re using, or you could have introduced litterbox liners that your cat simple doesn’t like.

2.    There’s a Medical Issue

Cats who suffer from pain or discomfort when urinating will sometimes associate their pain with the litterbox, and seek out more comfortable places to do their business. If you can’t see any obvious reason for your cat choosing to urinate outside of the box, then you should take him or her to a vet to check for infection.

3.    The Box is Dirty

Just like you probably don’t enjoy going to the bathroom in a dirty environment, your cats don’t appreciate it either. Strong smells in the litter box can be distressing for your cat, so make sure that you scoop the box each day, and perform a complete litter change every once in a while.

4.    Mobility Issues

Older cats, or kitties with chronic injuries and illnesses like arthritis might struggle to physically make it into the litter box, or they might not be able to reach the box in time. If this is a problem, then you should consider moving the box closer to the area where your cat spends most of their time.

5.    Bullying

If you live in a household with more than one cat, there’s bound to be a few territorial issues in play that could be too subtle for you to recognize. Your cat might avoid using the litterbox if he or she doesn’t feel safe because it’s being guarded by another cat. If this is a problem for you, introducing an alternative litter box might be a good solution.

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5 Reasons your Cat's Avoiding their Litterbox

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