You’ve Chosen A Cat – How to Welcome A Cat Into Your Home


You've Chosen A Cat - How to Welcome A Cat Into Your HomeCongratulations, you’ve decided to welcome a new kitten (or cat) into your home! In addition to getting a friend for life, you’ve also taken on an awesome responsibility. But don’t worry, with a few helpful tips (and a ton of cat treats) you and your fur baby will enjoy many meaningful years together.

Once you’ve chosen your forever friend, make an appointment with your veterinarian. Your fur baby should have a thorough exam, and be given the proper vaccinations if he hasn’t had them already. Always transport your precious cargo in a sturdy, well-made cat carrier. Cats are easily spooked, and it’s all too easy to lose your baby before he even gets home!

Before you bring your kitten home, make sure that his room is all ready for him. The best kind of transition for cats is a smooth one; having his own territory will go a long way toward easing his nerves and helping him make the biggest adjustment of his little life!

All you really need is a small room with a low-maintenance floor, a soft bed, food and water dishes, litter box, a scratcher, and a toy or two.

Remember to approach your new addition gently and quietly. Bonding occurs between you and your cat via touch, such as gentle petting, and it doesn’t hurt to coo a few compliments his way as well! If your kitten dislikes being touched on his paws, stomach, etc., honor his wishes and avoid those areas.

Your kitten will want to explore all the nooks and crannies of his new house, but especially the ones you want him to avoid! Instead of engaging in a power struggle, close doors to rooms you want to remain kitty-free, and secure valuables where curious paws can’t reach them.

With a lot of love and a little common sense, you and your new bestie will become fast friends and enjoy your common ground for many years to come!

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