The Most Expensive Cats To Own – Their Cost and Their Ongoing Needs


The Most Expensive Cats To Own - Their Cost and Their Ongoing NeedsWith February being Responsible Pet Owner’s Month, there’s no better reason to rescue a baby kitten or mature cat! Not sure what kind of furry friend to add to your brood? We have a few tips to help you narrow down the choices you have when it comes to making a forever friend, particularly in regard to your budget versus their ongoing needs.

You know that there will be an upfront cost for bringing your feline home, and of course the cost of daily feedings. While some animals are low-maintenance, you should be aware that others come with expenses that could impact your budget.

Some cats have pricey grooming needs while others are predisposed to expensive health issues. Here are a few of the popular breeds that may cost more in the long run than you expected.

Abyssinian cats

Exquisite Abyssinian cats can range from $500 on up. Their beauty and regalness is incomparable, but they are predisposed to a few costly health issues. Abyssinians have a hereditary condition that makes them vulnerable to pyruvate kinase deficiency, resulting in chronic fatigue and anemia. Treatments can run upwards of $1,400, and because of this pet insurance is also expensive.


Persian cats

Persian cats are lovely to look at and likewise, can cost you a pretty penny. Reputable breeders will charge you from around $800 on up to purchase one of their beauties. The Persian’s long hair will need a few grooming sessions every year, and you can expect to pay about $70 each time. And, know that their sweet little-smushed faces actually makes them more vulnerable to health issues such as eye problems and breathing and dental concerns. If you want health insurance for a Persian, expect to pay around 25% more on average.


Bengal cats

Prospective owners of Bengal cats beware: you will probably pay $1,000-plus for a pure-bred animal, and more for show-quality kittens. Compared to other cats, these wonderful companions have a higher risk for feline leukemia, inflamed bowels, and digestive issues. Feline leukemia bills alone can average $1,400 on up.


Siamese cat

Who doesn’t love a talkative, bright-eyed Siamese cat? When it comes to ownership costs, the good news is that Siamese are a less expensive purchase than other pure breeds (around $500 and up). But, chronic health issues such as liver disease, gingivitis, and upper respiratory infections make them a potential bank-breaker. The average vet bill for liver disease treatment runs around $1,500.


Remember, February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month; with a little knowledge and a lot of love, you and your new fur baby will enjoy a lifetime of happiness together!

The Most Expensive Cats To Own - Their Cost and Their Ongoing Needs

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