Secrets To Keeping Indoor Cats Happy


Secrets To Keeping Indoor Cats HappyThere’s an ongoing debate among cat owners that isn’t likely to end anytime soon: indoors cat or outdoors cat? As in, does your fur baby reside inside, outside, or a little of both?

People on both sides of the argument have passionate views about the pros and cons of each choice. Indoor enthusiasts claim that cats live longer away from the threat of speeding cars, other predatory animals, etc.

Outdoor advocates believe that the little lions inside our domestic kitties deserve to freely roam about the natural environment.

Which side is right? Whichever side you’re on! Seriously, though, if you have an indoor kitty, we have a few tips for enhancing your fur baby’s little lair.

First of all, be sure to dedicate a space that kitty can call his own. Cats are territorial, and having their own little corner of the world will go a long way toward helping him adjust to the confines of four walls. It can be as simple as a comfy bed in a quiet corner, or as elaborate as a cat condo that touches the ceiling!

Cats love to play, and interactive toys help you and your cat bond. Be sure to add a laser pointer or food puzzle to kitty’s “toybox!” In addition, supply a few toys that appeal to his hunting instincts: like toys that have feathers or look like mice!

Have you ever seen outdoor cats munching on grass? Whatever the reason for their snacking behavior, your own little lion will love having his own greens to chew on. Catnip is the perfect choice! You can grow your own, or buy freshly potted plants in the pet store.

A cat needs to stretch out and scratch on a daily basis, so save your sofa and drapes and have a variety of cat-friendly surfaces available: posts, cardboard, etc.

As your cat ages, his activity level wanes, but you can stoke his latent curiosity with a window perch. You can buy specially made, fur-lined shelves that hook onto your windows, but propping a box or chair next to the window works just as well.

Lastly, treat your cat to as much attention and affection as you can. Petting, brushing, and playing are enjoyable, no-cost ways to keep your indoor fur baby happy and stimulated!

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