Which Personality Type Does Your Cat Have?


Which Personality Type Does Your Cat Have?If you have fur babies you know that our adorable pets have distinct personalities, just like our human kids. But do you know which of five feline personality types that your cat has? Is your favorite kitty Cantankerous or a Hunter?

Maybe he’s an Inquisitive type, or a Cat’s Cat! According to a new study, your cat’s unique personality is a result of its experiences with you as well as genetics.

The self-sufficient Cat’s Cat is a personality type that happily prefers the companionship of its furry brethren, but with lots of attention can be socialized into becoming a, “lap sitter.” The key is to develop their affiliative instincts when still young. Because the Cat’s Cat is not overly needy for attention, he makes a good choice for owners who are at school or work throughout the day.

In contrast, the friendly Human Cat adores its fur mommy. It eagerly shows affection like winding around your legs and head-butting. This loveable, affectionate animal will thrive in a house filled with doting humans who don’t mind sharing their personal space, or having their laps gently kneaded! Because of its open nature the Cat’s Cat copes exceptionally well with other house pets.

The Hunter Cat is the ultimate Ninja Warrior. Does your cat delight in stalking and capturing its life-like toys? Does he like to put a death grip on stuffed animals and employ the hind leg rabbit kick? Then you’ve got a Hunter Cat! This type of animal is happiest when there is a safe, outdoor environment (aka his kingdom!) to explore and roam about.

Infamous Grumpy Cat must be a Cantankerous Cat! This personality type’s moodiness may in fact be due to an oversensitivity to the environment, and even touch. If you have a Cantankerous Cat, allow him time and space to assert himself when he’s ready to interact. You’ll just alienate your fur baby if you constantly reach for him when he doesn’t want to be handled. This type is content with alone time, but with the right approach will be happy to share his life (and maybe mice) with you!

The Inquisitive Cat will try your patience with his never-ending curious ways, but his cuteness will surely win you over in the end! This little lion is not afraid of new people or situations, and would make an excellent store or office cat where he could sniff and greet new people all day long!

Remember the old saying, “a house isn’t a home without a cat!”

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