How To Know if Your Cat Is Normal


How To Know if Your Cat Is NormalThere’s no such thing as a normal cat! Seriously, all cats are unique, loveable and according to their human parents, “the best cat ever!” Am I right? We all love our fur baby like he’s the most perfect creation on earth. But, how do you know if your cat’s behavior is normal or a sign that something’s wrong?

First off, cats have a funny way of showing affection. If a random cat walks over to you and rubs its face on your leg, he’s saying, “I like and approve of you.” Aw, that deserves an ear scratch! Conversely, if a random human did that, I’m calling the police!

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If your outdoor cat shares her “kills” with you, that’s another compliment, not a sign of bad behavior. Leaving you a part of the lunch she’s caught in the backyard is a present that means she considers you worthy of her affection.

It’s most likely harmless if your kitty drinks from the toilet bowl; it may be that the water is fresher than what’s in his dish if it’s not changed often. Just remember to keep harsh chemicals out of the bowl.

It’s normal for indoor cats to munch on greens, but they should have a little fresh catnip available if they like to nibble your plants. Common houseplants such as aloe, lilies and philodendron are toxic for cats.

Cats sleep 16+ hours a day. If your cat seems lazy he’s most likely content and doing what comes naturally. However, consult your vet if you notice a major change in behavior, such as a normally spunky cat who refuses to play. Cats hide illness well, and a marked reduction in activity can be a sign of sickness.

Likewise, a normally quiet cat who suddenly meows all day is cause for concern. Asian cat breeds vocalize more than others, but if your cat has a change in vocalization patterns consult your vet.

Excessive meowing can be caused by hyperthyroidism. Similarly, an older cat who all of a sudden remains awake and alert all night may also be suffering from the condition.

A random sneeze or two may mean that kitty was playing with dust bunnies under the bed! But persistent sneezing that continues more than a day or two should be checked out by the vet.

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How To Know if Your Cat Is Normal

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