Tips For Cutting Your Cat’s Nails


Tips For Cutting Your Cat's NailsAn important part of maintaining pet health is cutting your cat’s nails every few weeks. Not only does this protect your family but it also can save your sofa and carpet.

Nonetheless, it is not as easy as it may sound. That is why you have to stroke your cat’s paws often for your cat to remove “mistrust” between you and your cat. Furthermore, reward your cut after a good trim. The reward system helps that understand that trimming is a part of hygiene.

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If they are not used to it, your cats may turn to be aggressive. That is why you have to set the appropriate “mood” as you’re trimming. Here are some other helpful tips when trimming your cat:

1. Use Modern Clippers

In most cases, modern clippers are easier to use as they don’t interfere with the cat’s paw. Remember, cats can easily harm you once they experience some discomfort. In other cases, scissors work best. Find that helpful tool for you and your cat.

2. Cut Just A Small Tip

Cut a small tip of the nails. Remember, you don’t want to end up injuring your cat’s blood vessels. Just like humans, cat’s also have blood vessels near the end of their nails.

In case this happens, you may need to apply a little pressure on the tip of the nail reducing blood flow. Avoid applying too much pressure on the paw for this will only lead to more blood oozing out.

3. Take Your Time

Don’t be in a hurry. You may hurt your cat. Take time trimming one nail at a time even though few cats can keep their calm. After a while, your cat may start to resist. Don’t be troubled! Just let it leave and schedule when to cut the remaining ones.

4. Do It Often

If you have a kitten, start cutting soon. Better yet, make it a routine. When cats are used to trimming, they become very compliant with the practice. That is why older cats find it hard to sit down and be introduced to clipping since they have not been accustomed to it.

Tips For Cutting Your Cat's Nails

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