Cat Fleas how to Identify Them & What to do


Cat Fleas how to Identify Them & What to doFleas are attracted to warm places and there’s no other better season than springtime to have these uninvited guests visiting you. But how do you know you’re living together since they don’t come to ask for coffee in the morning. Well, there are so many cat signs to help you know that.

Here are some signs you have to check out:

Scratching of Their Coat

Fleas bite the skin of cats causing cats to scratch every now and then damaging their coat. Monitor the frequency and the intensity of your cat’s coat scratch to know the situation.

Spotting Fleas

In severe infestations, you will notice fleas jumping and moving from your cat’s body to your sofa or carpet while in less severe cases you will see your cat restless scratching it’s coat intensely and for an extended period.

Hair Loss

Hair Loss is associated with fleas in cats. So, what happens? Well, since the cat tries to relieve pain from fleas; it tries to scratch intensely while licking to a point where it loses hair especially on the legs and neck of your cat.

Black “crumbles” on Your Cat’s Coat

Have you noticed some black and white “crumbles” on your cat’s coat? These are fleas’ droppings together with their eggs. Usually, the crumbles are so tiny that they fall to the far end of the hair follicle. However, when there are severe infestations, you will find these droppings on your floor or sofaSleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

Your cat will probably experience very many sleepless nights. That is because of fleas bites. It happens because fleas are not able to survive without sucking blood, which causes discomfort to the cat.

Severe Body Dots

These dots are only witnessed where there’s a severe infestation. These are flea bites. They are very dangerous as they can facilitate other secondary infections.

Muscle Loss and Pale Gums

Muscle loss is as a result of blood loss. If you experience this, then your cat probably needs more blood. It would take a good number of fleas to cause this.

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Here’s the Solution

You’re probably confused on what to do. Maybe you’re worried about your cat but again you want to stop the growing fleas’ infestation in your home. At this point, you have two options those are either take your cat to the nearest pet store for treatment or treat it yourself through some basic DIY techniques. We have listed some of the easiest solution that would help you:

Use a Flea Shampoo

So, what does a flea shampoo do? A flea shampoo is primarily the first step to treating your cat. I know how cat’s don’t like taking a bath – but in this case, it’s inevitable.

The shampoo should be put in warm water and use that to wash the fleas away. You will see a couple of fleas on the surface of the water. But that will not treat all the fleas that’s why you should go to the next stage:

Find a Flea Comb

A flea comb is used for the action the name suggests – combing. However, it’s not just an ordinary comb. The comb is used to remove all excess hair on the cat exposing the fleas. You could also choose to use a hair dryer. You will notice most of the left fleas falling down.

Nonetheless, for places such as the ear, you may need to visit your pet store to find something that could wash the ears without causing any harm to your cat.

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Cat Fleas how to Identify Them & What to do

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