Tips For Keeping Cats Off Furniture and Other Areas


Tips For Keeping Cats Off Furniture and Other AreasScratching and jumping are two behaviors that are natural in cats. Cats also love to be in high places, in fact, the higher the better for them. However, many of us don’t want our cats on certain areas of the home including furniture and counters.

Reasons cats love to climb and jump

There are a few reasons that cats love climbing and jumping. First, cats are natural tree-climbing hunters, especially since they are equipped with strong backs and hindquarters that provide them with lots of climbing and jumping power. Second, cats like to check out their territory from a high vantage point. Third, cats love to be where it is the warmest, and oftentimes it is areas like counters and tables provide them with warm and sunny spots to take a nap. Lastly, cats are always searching for yummy scraps of food that we leave behind.

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How to deter cats from climbing and jumping on furniture and counters

Provide them with an alternative – You want to give your cat an alternative to jumping on places you don’t want them to be. This can be done by providing them with a cat tree in the corner of the living room or a special shelf just for them underneath their favorite window.

Make the surfaces less appealing – If you make the kitchen counter, dining room table or living room couch less appealing to your cat, chances are they won’t be so tempted to jump on these surfaces. If it is the kitchen counter they are jumping on, don’t leave food out. If it is the kitchen table they are jumping on, trying moving it to a different location, if possible. For any surface they are jumping on, try changing the feel of the surface. Cats’ paws are sensitive to the touch, so try placing a plastic runner, upside down, on the surface. Cats will not like how the nubs feel on their paws.

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