How to Turn a Feral Cat Into a Friendly Cat


How to Turn a Feral Cat Into a Friendly CatSo, if you have feral cats in your neighborhood, then you already know they are not the friendliest critters on the planet. These cats are used to being outdoors on a constant basis and they are not used to interacting with people. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn a feral cat into a friendly one.

Time and Patience

The first thing to understand is that the transition from feral to friendly will not happen overnight. It is a process that will take some time and a great deal of patience. Remember, feral cats are not domesticated so they are going to be scared and frightened in the beginning.

Create a safe room

When you bring a feral cat into your home, you need to make them feel comfortable, as you would anyone else living in the home. Choose a room that will be just for them for a little while, like a guest room. You will then need to cat-proof that room. You don’t want them constantly hiding under the bed or dresser, so block off access to these areas. Instead, put a couple of cardboard boxes around the room (turned on their sides), as these make ideal safe areas for feral cats.

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Create a routine

Creating a routine will help you start the process of building the trust of your new feral cat. You will want to do everything at the same time each day. Feed them at the same time. Give them fresh water at the same time. Clean their litter box at the same time.

Don’t force the issue

There is not set amount of time it will take a feral cat to start trusting you and become a bit friendlier. Some cats can take two weeks, some take four months and still yet, some can take up to a year or more. They will let their guard down when it feels safe to them and not before. The last thing you want to do is to force the cat to be held or to be picked up, as this will scare them even more.

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