How Often Should You Feed Your Cat? Details HERE!


How Often Should You Feed Your Cat? Details HERE!It’s an age old question: how often should you feed your cat? The answer may surprise you!

If you have a kitty you already know what its answer will be (“all day, please”), but do you know what the experts are saying?

Do you think that your favorite feline would be pleased with five meals a day? I know mine would! Believe it or not researchers believe that treating your fur-baby to five meals a day will actually combat cat obesity.

Felines in the wild eat little bites around the clock, and our modern-day practice of feeding our domesticated friends two large meals a day may be making cats fat.

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Some scientists reason that having a large amount of food available to them leads cats to devour it all, instead of just what satiates them.

According to Dr. Sarah Ellis, a feline behavior specialist, cats have retained an instinctual need to hunt. “The way we feed our cats generally does not match the lifestyle they were designed for…cats have undergone little in the way of selective breeding during the domestication process.”

Wild cats will spend up to 12 hours in search of food. Of course this activity burns more calories but it also means that they are consuming smaller amounts in a more distributed amount of time.

Researchers recommend mimicking other conditions in the wild for your own little lions in order to keep them mentally stimulated.

The idea is to make meal time a bit more like, “hunting,” time. But don’t worry, these suggestions call for a minimum of fuss and muss!

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You can make food time fun by hiding small bites in store bought toys, or make your own using an empty toilet paper roll.

They also suggest placing the food dish in different locations as a way of keeping your cat mentally alert.

So, which of these suggestions are you going to try for your favorite kitty? Let us know how your cat responds in the comments section below!

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