Causes and Remedies of Excessive Cat Meowing


Causes and Remedies of Excessive Cat MeowingI have two cats Cocoa and Lily and they seem to like to meow when it is bed time.  As soon as my husband and I get under the covers the meowing starts.

As a cat owner and lover, I’m sure you know there are days when your cat just won’t stop meowing. After what seems like hours of endless meowing, you just want your cat to be quiet for a few minutes. But, in order to stop your cat from excessively meowing, you first need to determine why they are doing it in the first place.  It takes patience but trust me if you’re persistent you will find the reason your little fur ball is meowing and soon have a happy quiet cat.  Below are some of our tips:

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Causes and remedies of excessive cat meowing

They want attention: Just as small children cry when they want attention from mom and dad, cats will meow for the same reason. To curb this habit, avoid responding to them every time they want attention. You can give them attention when they are quiet but walk away or ignore them if they are constantly meowing. It is important to play with your cat on a daily basis for bonding and exercise, but not when they constantly meow for attention.

They want food or water: One of the more common reasons for cats to meow is that they are hungry or thirsty. Obviously, cats can’t talk, so they will let you know constantly if their food bowl or water dish is empty. To curb this behavior, make sure they are getting enough food to eat and that they are eating at their scheduled times (if you do this) each day. Also, be sure they have fresh, clean water too.

They like greeting you: It is likely that your cat is just happy to see you come home every day. This may be a tough thing for you to break them of, since you can’t really deter them from being glad you are home after a long day.

They are sick: Cats will sometimes constantly meow to let you know they don’t feel well. Most of the time, cats will hide any illnesses they may have, so if you cat is meowing on a constant basis, it could be a sign of a series illness or condition.

Are you having trouble with your cat excessively meowing?  Have you tried to find the reason?  Let us know in the comments what you have done!

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