Lanai Cat Sanctuary – Spend The Day In A Hawaiian Paradise Cuddling With Hundreds Of Cats!


Lanai Cat Sanctuary – Spend The Day In A Hawaiian Paradise Cuddling With Hundreds Of Cats!What if we told you that there was a Hawaiian paradise where you could soak up the tropical sun all day with over 300 cats? Say it isn’t so! The Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii sounds too good to be true, and is for sure a crazy cat lady’s perfect vacation. If you love cats as much as we do, then a trip to the Linai Cat Sanctuary is a MUST.

Feral cats were running the Hawaiian island of Lanai amuck, starving and reproducing quicker than rabbits. You’re probably thinking – well there are feral cats in every city in every state, but not like this. The cats travelled on whaling ships in masses hundreds of years ago to the islands of Hawaii. And, animal centers and veterinarians are not as common in Hawaii as they are on the states, so domesticating the cats and/or getting them spayed or neutered was not a priority like it is in more populated areas.

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The residents of the over cat populated island of Lanai seen the feral cats as pests, and were exterminating them, this inspired a few volunteers to set up the Lanai Animal Rescue center. The majestic piece of land spans over 2 acres, and is fenced in, an full of over 300 cats who are being well taken care of, groomed and fed regularly, and spayed and neutered to control the pet population.

If you are ever in Hawaii, for business or pleasure, you absolutely have to take time out to visit the Lanai cat shelter. A visit to the shelter is free, it’s totally clean and people friendly, and it doesn’t cost a dime! The cats are VERY friendly, and you can spend the day in a tropical paradise, petting cats and playing with them. Does it get any better than that?!

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