Cat Health Insurance: What Questions Should You Ask?


Cat Health Insurance: What Questions Should You Ask?Do you need to purchase health insurance for your cat? There are many questions that should be asked before purchasing feline health insurance.

Maintaining a cat’s health is important and every cat caretaker does all they can to ensure their feline receives proper nutrition and enough activities to help their fur baby maintain a healthy weight. You take your cat to the veterinarian for rabies and other vaccinations as well as yearly check-ups.

Despite your best efforts medical emergencies do arise and you could take a huge hit financially if the cat needs blood tests, surgery or medication. That’s where pet health insurance can help. But before a policy is purchased ensure it will meet your needs.

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The first thing you need to ask is what is the cost of the insurance premiums? Is it more cost effective to save money monthly in a back account rather than carry cat health insurance? What is the deductible and how much does the insurance pay after that has been met and/or there co-pays?

The most important thing to review when considering purchasing cat health insurance is in regards to pre-existing conditions and exclusions. If your cat has been diagnosed with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cardiomyopathy or some other illness anything necessary to manage that health issue may not be covered by insurance.

In addition, there may be exclusions in the health insurance policy. Because some breeds of cats are pre-disposed to certain hereditary health problems the insurance can deny payment on medications, surgery and other treatments for that condition.

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For instance, Himalayan cats have a hereditary pre-disposition for feline polycystic kidney disease. Even if you have certified paperwork from the breeder that your Himalayan comes from a PKD-free line the health insurance can deny payment for treatment, office visits and medications necessary to maintain the health of the cat.

Other exclusions to a cat health insurance policy could be: flea control, heartworm control, neutering/spaying, vaccinations or limitations for certain illnesses of cats not spayed or neutered before their first birthday.

Do your homework before you jump into purchasing cat health insurance. Read the fine print, ask questions. You should not feel pressured into buying health insurance right after an emotional health crisis with your fur baby.

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