What Is A Cat’s Life Expectancy? Pets Living Longer And Healthier Lifestyles Than Ever Before


What Is A Cat’s Life Expectancy? Pets Living Longer And Healthier Lifestyles Than Ever BeforeWhat is a cat’s typical life expectancy? The only problem with our fuzzy feline friends is that they don’t live forever. Eventually, our pet cats begin to show signs of age, and begin to play less and sleep more. Sadly, there is no magical fountain of youth that promises to make your furry friends live forever – but according to a new medical study, house cats are living much longer and healthier lives than they used to!

In the latest “Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery” a new study reveals that the typical cat life expectancy has been greatly improving over the years. Consumer Affairs quoted the new study, and explained, “Today, pet cats are living until their late teens or early 20s (the human equivalent of 100 years old). In fact, more than 20 percent of the cats we see around today were 11 years or older in 2011, researchers estimate.”

The major increase in age for our beloved cats can most likely be attributed to healthier eating habits, maybe even that over-priced organic cat food that is all the rage these days, plus more frequent trips to the veterinarian. Believe it or not, taking your cat to the vet wasn’t a common practice a few decades ago.

There is one slight downside to our felines living longer and unprecedented lives – vets and medical experts really don’t have too much experience with cats in their late teens or 20’s, so it’s pretty much unchartered waters when it comes to care for elderly house cats. So, even though your pet may be living much longer than any one expected, including his veterinarian, his health care will pretty much become experimental once he reaches a certain age.

Are you happy to hear that cats are living longer and healthier lives than they used to? Why do you think that is? Do you have an elderly pet cat, how old is he or she? Let us know in the comments below!

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