‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Star John McCook Shares Adorable Photos Of His Pet Cat – So Cute!


'The Bold And The Beautiful' Star John McCook Shares Adorable Photos Of His Pet Cat – So Cute!When it comes to cats, celebrities are just like us, they love their furry feline friends! ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ veteran John McCook is constantly sharing photos of his family’s pet cat on social media, and we can’t get enough of the adorable pictures.

John McCook is known for playing the part of patriarch Eric Forrester on the CBS soap, the 72 year old actor made his first debut way back in 1987, nearly 30 years ago! But, when John McCook isn’t hard at work at the daytime drama and playing referee between the Spencers and Forresters while trying to oversee their family’s fashion company – he’s just a regular guy with a loving wife and sweet orange cat.

Like many of us, John McCook’s cat is a member of the family. His wife Laurette actually had professional photos taken with their family’s cat, because everyone’s cat’s photo should be on the mantle with the rest of the family pics! On Mother’s Day, John McCook shared a photo of Laurette and their cat and revealed that he “woke up with both of his favorite ladies in his bed.”

More recently, John shared an adorable photo of his cat cuddling with his shoes – and let’s just say that his shoes have definitely seen better days. ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ star captioned the super cute photo, “My dog, my kids, my wife go nowhere near these old shoes…but my cat?…My cat loves me.” John’s cat clearly loves him, and it’s obvious that he loves her too!

We love that John and Laurette’s cat is basically a member of their family, as it should be! Check out the adorable photos of ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ star’s super cute orange cat, and let us know what you think in the comments below! Does your cat like to cuddle with your yucky old shoes? Or does your pet cuddle with something else even stranger? Let us know!

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